How To Watch Videos on TV

There are a few way to get your videos on your TV set.

1. You can connect your laptop or iPad to your TV via an HDMI cord. This will project your computer or iPad screen directly to your TV.

2. Utilize Google Chromecast and use the cast feature to mirror your computer screen/cell phone to the TV or device of your choice.

3. Use Apple TV

4.  Use Amazon FireStick

5.  Smart TV- If you are having trouble getting to the login page from the homepage you could type the login URL address directly into your browser or use this link.

Please note: Some Smart TV internet browsers may not be configured or compatible with every website and therefore you may have trouble selecting certain fields (for example clicking on the Login button or username field).  There is not much we could do about this issue so we would advise to use one of the other ways suggested that work and function a lot better.

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