Billing & Refund Requests

To get a refund please follow the steps below:

1. Cancel your membership on your account page under subscriptions. You could only cancel from where you initiated your membership. You can't cancel a membership you initiated on our website on the App and vice versa.

2. Email us at [email protected]. Please provide me with the following information: 

1. Full name 

2. Last 4 digits of your credit card 

3. Transaction date 

4. Any other email address you may use 

5. The amount you were charged

This will help us locate your account so re can resolve the issue.

3. If you don't hear back within 24-hours, please email again and double check that you have correctly spelled your return email in the field provided if you are using our support form.  

***Please note,  if you open up a dispute with your credit card company we will not be able to refund you as your account will be frozen. We will then have to dispute the refund based on the original terms of your contract in order to protect our business against frivolous claims and dispute fees. Any disputes will nullify our updated grace period.



All of our memberships are auto-renewal and must be cancelled by each member 24-hours prior to each billing cycle to avoid recurring charges (similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple & Google subscriptions). 

We do have a 5-day grace period so you could email us at [email protected] and request a refund and if you are within our grace period we will be happy to issue the refund.  To get a refund you must email us your request and provide your first and last name and the amount of the charge.

Do not contact your credit card company if you want a refund.  Otherwise your account will be frozen and we will have to dispute the refund to protect our business against frivolous claims and dispute fees.

By signing up and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of the subscription with The Yoga Collective you have agreed that it is your sole responsibility to cancel your auto-renewal subscription on time if you don’t want to incur future charges.  It is also disclosed on the page prior to signing up and on any vouchers you may have purchased that this subscription auto-renews at the end of initial subscription and you must cancel before your membership ends to disable auto-renewal. 

* To avoid future charges on your next billing cycle, you must cancel your auto-renewal subscription at least 24 hours before your next billing cycle is set to auto-renew.

** If you have already been charged you will have access for the next month or year depending on your subscription.  You will still need to cancel to avoid the following billing cycle.  To cancel go into your "Subscription" tab under "Edit Account" and click Cancel and Confirm.  You could read further instructions on our "How to Cancel Your Subscription" article.  

To read more about our Billing, Auto-Renewal Subscription and Refund Policy see our Terms & Conditions number 7.

In order to cancel your auto-renewal membership please review our article on "How To Cancel Your Subscription"

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