Trouble Playing Videos (Videos are pausing or loading slowly)

Note:  All of our videos are hosted and streamed from Vimeo so if you are having an issue it is something on your end or vimeo’s.   We suggest the following fixes:  

1. Refresh the page

2. Clear the cache on your web browser

3. Update your browser to the latest version (We recommend using Chrome if possible - Safari and Firefox also work fine, Internet Explorer is not recommended)

4. Manually change the resolution to a lower setting in the video player:

Click on the gear button in the bottom right corner of the video player.  Click on 720, 540 or as low as 360.  The lower the res the less problems you will have. The default setting is Auto, which will set to the highest resolution which may be the issue.

5. If connection is slow or not buffering/streaming smoothly, allow the video to load for  a minute before beginning. This is done by playing the video and then pressing the pause button (the video will continue to load and you will see the bar at the bottom of the video player moving forward). If you are able to load the entire video then you can take your class without any interruptions in the stream.

6. Wait for your internet connection to become faster or reconnect to the server by rebooting your connection with your provider. This will help if your router is the issue.

7.  Lastly, upgrade the speed of your connection with your local internet provider.  Anything around 25mbps should stream high definition videos without any issue.

*You may also visit the Vimeo Help Center for more tips.

Please note:

At times internet connections are slow (speeds will vary from time to time and from place to place and depending on your connection speed and internet provider).  It’s possible you are hitting a moment in time when your provider is just slow and there is nothing you could do.  

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