Roku- How to Watch on Roku

We do not have a Native Roku App.  Roku is a specific technology and to develop an App just for Roku is an entirely new build out and is not feasible for our company at this time.

To see other ways to watch on your TV check out our article on "How To Watch On Your TV"

The only way to watch using Roku is outlined below through an App called iWebTV.  This is a mobile App that allows streaming any video detected in your internet browser.

1. Download iWebTV on your mobile device from the Apple or Google Store

2. Download iWebTv on your Roku from the Roku Store

3. Go to our website on your mobile device

4. Choose a video and a "casting button" should appear to send the video to Roku.

5. Having previously opened the iWebTV App on your Roku the video should start streaming.

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