How To Get The Yoga Collective App

The Yoga Collective App is available on the Apple and Google Stores.  You will be able to download our App for free. at the Apple Store or Google Play store to use on your devices Apple or Android devices.

If you are already a member at The Yoga Collective you can use your existing username/email and password to log in.  There will be no additional charge if you are already a member.

All of your settings and favorite classes will cross over to create a seamless experience wether you are using the App or the Website. 

If you are not a member of The Yoga Collective you could choose to either sign up on our website or at the Apple or Google stores.  It's your choice.

Please keep in mind wherever you sign up that is where your account billing details will remain.  If you wish to cancel your account or change your billing info you will need to initiate those processes on the site/store where you initially signed up.

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