What Class Level Is Right For Me?

Class Level Glossary:

Level 1 is for beginner yogis starting out on their journey. These classes are slower paced, will be focused on alignment and how to properly get in and out of each pose/posture.

Level 1/2 These classes are great for level 1 yogis looking to transition into level 2 or for more advanced yogis looking for a basic well rounded class. Includes level 1 poses and introduces level 2 poses.

Level 2 These classes are perfect for the intermediate yogi. They are well-rounded classes that will get you working hard. Includes intermediate and may introduce some advanced postures.

Level 2/3 may be faster paced classes aimed towards a more challenging and rigorous workout. Includes intermediate and may include some advanced postures.

Level 3 are classes that teach advanced postures including deep twists, inversions and arm balances.

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